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    Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by the workload it takes to raise a family? Constantly leaving your own well being as an afterthought? 
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    Are you constantly daydreaming of a bigger vision for yourself? Is there more you are wanting to squeeze out of your day to day life? 
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    Are longing for more, even though you have amazing kids, and have SO much to be grateful for? Are you eager to identify as more than just a mother?

​​​​If you said “Yes!” to even ONE of these questions, this book is for you!

“You Are A Badass Mom” is your new best friend; it’s the handbook to all things Motherhood!

I’m not going to sugar coat things for you, life is perfectly IMPERFECT, and we as mothers know that more than anyone! In my book, we will dig deep, and acknowledge those not so kodak-moment-worthy realities of motherhood, and I will show you exactly how we can lessen or totally prevent them from occurring in the future!

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Through your journey with this book you will help you step more into your higher self and shift your own life, while learning how to attract inner peace, and connecting yourself deeply to what matters most.

The Ultimate Guide To Help Ambitious Moms
Step Out Of Overwhelm

Stop The Mommy Meltdowns

 As ambitious, driven moms, we can often feel lost. Lost in our kids’ worlds.

If you have ever had a mommy meltdown after yelling at your kids, you're not alone, and this book is meant for you!

Live Your
Bigger Vision

Are you sometimes lost in the stress, overwhelm, and all the logistics involved in raising a family and running a household?

 Are you ready to step into your higher self, EVERYDAY and fall in love with your life?

Fall Back in Love With Your Partner & Family

Have you ever had a bigger vision for your life and you’re relationship than you’re living right now?

If you’ve ever broken down in tears over the lack of communication between you and your partner, this book is meant for you. Let's reignite that flame!

Hey Moms, I'm Steffani LeFevour!

I want to live in a world where we are surrounded by ambitious, driven women who take their power back, step into their greatness, and never say no to a dirty martini.

I helped hundreds of women shift their mindset, transform their relationships, and live more extraordinary lives than they ever dreamed possible.

As a happiness and success coach, I've studied human potential and have been in the business of self-improvement for more than 25 years.

After becoming a mom to Jack and Zoe, I had a major life shift: I realized I needed to massively transform what happiness and fulfillment looked like through the lens of being a parent and created a new custom designed road map to success.

This new journey has led me to work on projects with many transformational leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Dr. Shefali Tsabury, and Neale Donald Walsh, all while never missing my son’s hockey games.

When I'm not chasing after my two kids, you can find me coaching, traveling, eating dark chocolate, and working by the pool at Soho House in Chicago.

Who knew that balance could exist in motherhood?

You’re one click away from kissing your chaos goodbye, and embracing your very own newfound balance.

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Just what I needed to pull myself together after having a second kid and going back to work! I've been devouring this book on my commute, wishing my commute was actually LONGER to read more!


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