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with Steffani LeFevour

Your Next Level Life Begins Here...

Let’s face it. Your life might already be awesome, but there’s something inside of you that knows you are meant for MORE.

And I am here to tell you...

you are RIGHT.

Success is amazing, but for women like us... sometimes it just isn’t enough.


In the Next Level Life Mastermind, we are a collective of phenomenal, badass, high-achieving women who:

Stopped making excuses. Stopped apologizing for our juiciest


And started making our biggest visions happen in wild and extraordinary ways.

In the NLLM sisterhood, together, we commit to fulfilling our giant,  soul-driven missions, and we firmly hold a vision for each other that  EXCEEDS our wildest dreams in every area of our life.

Not only do we believe we can have it all.  We believe we can have it all... and MORE.

Bring It On!

I don’t believe in coincidences, so if you are here right now,

I believe you are here for a reason.

Here's what I already happen to know

about you:

  • You don’t simply want to make an impact. You want to build a LEGACY.
  • You strive not just for success but for EXCELLENCE.
  • You desire to create a higher vision for your work and express your gifts in more POTENT ways.
  • You are done with simple ambition, and are ready to fulfill your MISSION.
  • You are soulful, intuitive, and feel guided by a HIGHER POWER.
  • You are sick and tired of the roadblocks that have been keeping your biggest dreams on lockdown.

How do I know this?

For the past 10 years, I have coached women that were high-achieving CEO’s, famous actresses, 7 figure entrepreneurs, and stay at home badass moms with 6 kids... and these are the things that all those amazing women had in common.

I also know that they didn’t get to their Next Level Life alone. Nobody does.

Right now, you may doubt that you have the time, energy, money, or ability to create the highest vision for your life and fulfill your highest calling.

And that's where the Next Level Life Mastermind comes in.

You see, we all doubt it in the beginning, and it’s ok to doubt. But the trick is to not let your doubts stop you.

You, your dream, your deeper work, and your message are way too precious for that. They are way too precious for you to keep hanging out on the sidelines.

It's time for you to RISE. Your big vision, and your biggest work deserves to come to life and shine.

And you will need some help to get there.

Beyond Coaching…

What Others Are Saying:

Thank you for empowering us all with your amazing tools and resources.

A beautiful metamorphosis has happened so gradually and with so much ease and joy! Thank you for leading the way and mirroring to us our highest potential!

So grateful to have been apart of this, and to have grown together in this community!”

Los Gato, CA

I’ve been living a changed life. Because of Steffani’s group I’ve stayed tuned into me. 

I feel like I’m honing my skills and learning how to not just read, and think about this way of life, but to LIVE it!

Thank you a million times. You are a shining light that has touched and brightened my heart!”

Bristol, VT

My personal outcome from the course: Feeling present with my kids. Better relationship with my husband. My mindset shift.

This like-minded community has inspired me, truly inspire me, and makes me feel like we’re in this together!!”

Chicago, IL

MY Personal Moment of CHANGE.. 

Five  years ago I had one of the lowest points of my life. Things didn’t look bad on the surface… But I was hiding a terrible secret. I was yelling at my kids a lot.  I was completely depleted but had no idea that my life was in such bad shape until it all came crashing down around me.

It was a typical Thursday night: my husband was at work, and I was alone with my kids... my kids are not easy kids (are any kids easy?).

 It was hard for me, at the time, to be alone with them. I dreaded it, actually. (Insert feeling like a terrible mom for even writing that.)

So I put them in the bath, put my game face on, and added some bubbles, trying to be the Instagram Awesome Mom.

When it was time, I asked them politely to get out of the tub. They ignored me. I asked again, and again. They started fighting—they screamed and yelled, they splashed each other, they splashed me, and finally by my tenth or eleventh request—who knows?—I exploded. I screamed “Get your asses out of the f***ing tub!

It got ugly. I turned into a complete mommy monster. I grabbed a tiny three-year-old by the arm and yanked her out of the tub, her soaking wet body dragging across the floor. I went back for my son, grabbed him out of the tub, spanked him on his wet butt and threw him into his room. The sight of bubbles trailing down the hallway was a terrible reminder of my dramatic, disgusting behavior.

Then I sat on the floor in the bathroom while trying to sop up the water and bubbles all over the tile and I cried that awful guttural ugly cry.Who am I? What kind of monster does something like this?

Then I heard my son’s wet feet run down the hallway from his room and came close enough to the bathroom to yell, “Please don’t hurt us.” “Please don’t hurt us”? You can imagine my horror. My kids were now afraid of me. I’d turned into the monster mom that I see in reality TV shows.

That was the wake-up call that set off a rocket of desire for me to do the work I needed to do on myself—to improve my parenting in a dramatic way and start showing up as the mom I knew my kids needed me to be. As the mom they deserve to see on a daily basis. I had a deep purpose to find her. I knew she was in there.

My higher-self mom was always there, available to help me—I just wasn’t letting her in.

That night, I decided to take all the strategies that I used in business and to really take my life to the next level.  

Are you ready to slay your inner Mommy Monster and take your life to the Next Level too?

Creating your NEXT LEVEL LIFE isn’t just possible, it’s PROBABLE with the right kind of support, accountability, and know-how.

The Next Level Mastermind isn’t simply a 6 month long coaching program, it’s a soul-searching, goal-planning, and shit-ton-of-action-taking mastermind.


This circle is for elite women who have already done a lot of work, and who know the power of commitment and accountability.  

It's for women like you who want MORE, who know that you deserve MORE, and who are ready to claim MORE out of every aspect of your life.

Here's what our 6 Months together will include:
  • check
    Luxury Retreat in New Buffalo Michigan with powerful, inspiring, women who are ready, and searching for MORE in life, just like you.
  • Framework to custom design your Next Level Life
  • Community that will support you and raise you up to get there
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    Curated content and contribution to keep you plugged in and engaged in your dreams and goals
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    The accountability that will not let you fall or fail or waiver
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    1 Private 90 minute coaching call to get crystal clear on your goals, discover your enneagram number, find your true passions, and remove your limiting beliefs
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    6 Months of support to take your life to a level you never thought possible
  • 12 Weeks of the Badass Life Intensive to jump start your journey and align you with your mission 

What Your Badass Life Intensive Entails...


> shift all of your limiting beliefs,

> create a new story,

> and finally improve your mindset so you can start creating the financial freedom 
and the career you've always desired.


> enhance and improve your relationship, no matter where you're at right now.  


 > step into a life you only previously dreamed of. 


Along with all of this life changing content, you'll also get a private Facebook group filled with new lifelong friends supporting you along this journey. 

You'll have all access to me to get all your questions answered and go deeper into the content and transformation.

(My lil secret... I become obsessed with helping you & want to make sure ALL of your questions are answered and your burning desires are fully addressed).

Next Level Life Mastermind Luxury Retreat will be the ultimate pampering for your mind, body, and soul. Together, we will be fuelling our bodies with pure natural nutrition, and absolutely flourishing in an environment filled with likeminded women who are driven, and committed to reaching their goals!

The opportunity to meet your NLL Sisterhood in person will give your journey a whole extra dimension of inspiration, and motivation to kick ass, and rise to the occasion.


 Also, this retreat will include a private chef creating farm to table plant based meals for you. We will partake in a breathtaking, relaxing sunset cruise, wine tasting, bonfires ft. vegan SMORES (yep, and they're amazing!), and more!

This is the retreat you never knew you needed, until now. 

Here's a sneak peak at this past round of the Next Level Life Mastermind's Costa Rica Retreat! 

You will also receive dynamic support, accountability, and brain juju from some seriously powerful, action-oriented, and successful women that know exactly what it takes to
balance being a legit MOGUL and a legit MOM (at the same time).

Together, we will help you activate your highest potential, so that you can rock your life in BOMBASTIC ways - and have an effing amazing time doing it.

With Steffani LeFevour

It is my mission to help women like you feel the expansion, the freedom, the beauty, the power, and the bliss that comes with an extraordinary opportunity like this.  

I want you and your family to feel the utter fulfillment and peace that comes with aligning your
life with your very highest, truest, and deepest soul calling.

Life is precious.


THE WORLD AFLAME (in a good way)?We begin May 20th!

Ohhhh the infinite possibilities! 
In just 6 Months time your life will be unrecognizable!